Thank you for visiting Noble Radio, a brand new Hamradio manufacturer.
Our first transceiver is a MonoBand Multimode VHF transceiver for 4mtrs,
which you can see at the top of this page. The specifications can be downloaded (PDF)
or viewed online. High quality images are also available for download below.

High Quality Image 1 High Quality Image 2 NR-4SC User Manual info [at]
NR-4SC Technical Specs & Pricing NR-4SCA Technical Specs & Pricing
2) 10 Watt output power
3) Built in Iambic keyer
4) Analog S-meter, not a bargraph.
5) RIT
7) Variable Speed Tuning VST
8) Wide and Narrow filter
9) Fast and Slow selectable AGC
10) Output to key an external Amplifier
11) Can be switched for QSK and Non QSK compatible Amps
12) Simultaneous display of RX and TX frequencies
13) 13.8VDC at 4 Amps TX current
14) 650 mA RX current
15) Built in loudspeaker
16) Audio output .6 Watt
17) 10.7 MHz IF output
18) RX Sensitivity -130dbm MDS
19) IF rejection greater than 100db
20) Blocking dynamic range 107db
21) Third Order Dynamic Range = 96db (IP3 = +14dBm)
22) 2nd Order Dynamic Range 87db (IP2 = +44dBm)
23) TX spurious is better than - 55dBc which meets CE ETSI EN301 783-1 standards
* All specifications in this document may be subject to change without notice or obligation